Resources ~ Quantum, Vibration & Otherwise

Enjoy browsing this eclectic compilation of links talking about new thought, quantum physics and over time, more as we update the list.  Life is so precious, and we have an obligation to ourselves to learn and know more than the prior generations. Opening ourselves to alternative thinking, allowing the potentiality of possibilities that can lead us in the direction new generations will live ~ this is where we need to be.  And go.  Join me?

5 Lessons to Live By Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Masaru Emoto and the Power of the Word Water – how it can be used to show the workings of universal law.

*Quantum Physics* Welcome To The Matrix

NASA’s Beyond Einstein program is poised to complete Einstein’s legacy — and ultimately unravel the mysteries of the Universe.  It can be useful to understand some of the underlying science as a means of then extrapolating thoughts about “energy healing” and non-tangible experiences with concepts like Reiki.

Everything is Energy

Amit Goswami – The Quantum Doctor – Part 1


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