Reiki, at its broadest expression, can be considered a way of life. Thus, by incorporating it into regular routines on a consistent basis, one can holistically begin to shift the energy in one’s life. This includes not just the wellness practice (invoking Reiki for self-healing), but to help others in attaining similar benefits as energy clearings are done on their behalf.  The energy can be administered on a person, an animal, and upon a situation or a physical entity like a house and one’s home.


Reiki explained

Translating from Japanese symbols to written language is often insufficient; some concepts are not easily conveyed.  This is the closest description possible:

REIKI is a Japanese phrase, two words ~

Rei (God’s Wisdom or Higher Power) +

Ki (Life Force Energy).

It is traditionally realized or called the “universal life force energy”.

Pronounce it as ‘ray-key’ (English).


As a Reiki student, one learns these 5 Principles of Reiki from the beginning of their journey.  This concept is one that with daily practice and expression becomes a custom, seamlessly integrated into how a home is run as well as how a person conducts oneself in the wider world.

reiki principles translated

Listen here to the lovely tones of this Japanese chant.


Usui Reiki is a powerful healing modality that dynamically allows for personal and spiritual growth and development.  When used as a method for change in one’s life style, incorporating the 5 Principles and regular meditation, healthy change will occur over time. Additionally, Reiki initiations (attunements) open our consciousness to the Source within.  Using Reiki will enhance any other type of spiritual or personal growth tool we may use.

Namaste 2Ever wonder that the word ‘Namaste’ means?  It goes beyond a definition really; in reading this you may begin to understand it is about expressing respect for the very thing we call Life.  It represents the concept of Oneness with all living things.

I honor the place in you, where the entire universe resides.

I honor the place in you, where lies your love, your truth, your uniqueness, and  your peace.

I honor the place in you, where if you are in that place, in you

And I am in that place, in me,

There is only one of us.

~ Namaste ~

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