Reiki Training

~ 2020 ~ 

Classes were not scheduled due to Covid19 restrictions. As the environment clears, classes can be resumed as interest is expressed in the community.   


If you have been interested in learning Reiki for your own self-healing, or perhaps contemplating a healing practice, too, Reiki Master Teacher Cheryl Valdebenito is now taking requests. 

What you can look forward to:  A spirit-based perspective.  Small intimate classes.  One-on-one personal attention.  Plenty of time to practice and share with fellow students.  Inclusion in a Facebook student reiki group for ongoing communication with Teacher an Classmates.

Below is an example of the Spring class load to get an idea of how the schedule works.  Prices listed were for all 2019 classes and subject to change.   Ready to save your seat?  Call today:  469-999-1094 or Email:


USUI Reiki Training in Sarasota, FL.  Each class will include teaching materials; you’ll receive attunements for each level and a certificate of completion for Levels 1 & 2 (combined), and Level 3/Master Teacher.  Once registered, all additional details will be identified.  An example of the Spring class listing is as follows.

2 Reiki classes, Combo-Pak $325.   
Level 1 – February 23, 9 am-6 pm.   Reiki basics, hand positions, how to do self-practice.  Become able to practice on those at home as well.  Learn what Reiki is and how it works as well as its history.      
Level 2 – March 16. 9 am-6 pm.  Combination of how to practice Reiki on others in person and to send Reiki to those at a distance.  You’ll learn hand positions for working on others, both sitting and laying down in session.  Learn connections to energy body and correlations to physical body.  Hands-on practice with others in class.  Receive the first Reiki symbols.
Level 3, parts a) and b), $225.
May 11, 9 am-6 pm.  Part A is about mastering the Reiki process with lots of practice time; Part B, details about teaching and creating your public Reiki practice.   Master Reiki symbols will be identified. 
Bonus:  If you are committed to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, taking this 3-class series, you can save $100 (20%) by prepaying for all 3 training dates in one early bird registration. $450
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