Reiki – Is there more?


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Reiki can be sent at a distance to help loved ones in need (body/mind/spirit).  It can be can be offered to and for a group as well as sent to an individual.

Reiki is used as a healing modality to help animals – from household pets to rescues in shelters or under veterinary care.  It is common to use Reiki in the healing of horses, and some big cat centers use energy workers as well.

Reiki may be invoked to help calm and balance situations or conditions. For example, when there is extreme emotional upset and in traumatic conditions (a car accident, for example).

Reiki can be used as one method of bringing a meeting of minds, a condition of Oneness, and to invoke peace and even planetary harmony.

Reiki, like all living things, is energy and therefore is frequency.  Like prayer (which can raise the vibration by as much as 15 mHz), Reiki typically raises frequency when invoked.  Thus, it effects and impacts the vibration of the object upon which it is being sent.

Reiki can be sent to heal past concerns and to smooth one’s future expectations because it works in a similar manner as quantum physics in all space and time, rather than linear time.



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