Reiki Resources

Enjoy the Gift of Reiki

Practitioners – For a bit more history and information about Reiki and giving an “advanced session”, go to:

How Hawayo Takata Practiced and Taught Reiki

Reiki Energy has been growing as a complementary modality alongside conventional methods in hospitals. Learn more about this area of care:

Reiki, Medicine and Self-Care with Pamela Miles (webpage) makes a number of articles and papers available for viewing:

Reiki An Introduction from a(n American) Medical Perspective:

What does the research say about Reiki:

Reiki Medical Research: Scores of links on a variety of subjects to assist in your research of this Bioenergy Modality:

ePluribusMedia: A blog post of information relative to US Military and the VA using Reiki.

Evaluation of healing by gentle touch:

Evaluation of healing related to cancer:

Long term effects related to psychological depression:

Chanting the 5 principles; Japanese with Spanish subtitles. Reiki 5 Principals, sung

1998, taking Reiki into surgery Dr Oz studies of Reiki in the Operating Room

Dr. Oz & Pamela Miles short TV clip



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