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My personal story is one I don’t typically share. We all have them ~ stories, I mean.  Our experiences are all unique of course, and not comparable to others.  Yet by sharing, a story becomes an opportunity, a way of helping us to build relationship.  So let me tell you a few of my ah-ha moments ~ from the beginning when I started to understand there is something I needed to know beyond traditional medicine.  My health had for years made me feel like a train wreck; problems kept creeping in slowly so they were almost not noticeable. Until they were undeniable.  Shifting from a traditional perspective to an alternative view of possibilities — not easy, or simple, yet it made all the difference over time.

My life was stressful on many levels.  Fortunately, there was one fall afternoon when I met a gal at a networking event who was doing stress management scans to help job-seekers chill-out.  The queue was long, so I waited until the end of the day.  The biofeedback scan told me where the energy blocks in my field were (chakras, meridians, digestive track, etc.) and suggested areas that needed clearing.  The shocker was I hadn’t told the technician anything about my medical history, and yet the data that came from her scan was dead-on.  That was when I learned how stress undermines health.

Over the course of the next ten years it was as if God was placing people in my path to educate me about energy healing.  I bought the medical device in 2007, became certified and began my journey into a new realm of what I called the unknown.  Another quantum tool came to me in 2010, a cold laser made of 3-color LED light and quantum energy rolled up in one hand-held unit. It is programmed with amazing healing frequencies that have helped our family in acute situations as well as with chronic concerns.  Essential oils and the Amethyst BioMat became eye-openers, too;  both household staples since 2012, they short-stop those rough days when life’s curves balls are challenging.  On this path of discovery was a lesson: everything in life is about vibration and frequency.  Looking back, I was being led to tools that can be utilized for healing.

By then I had begun receiving intuitive messages about something called “Reiki”.  I’d heard the word, but had no idea what it was.  Again, more research before locating a Reiki Teacher that summer.  For six months prior to that training I had begun incorporating essential oils into my energy practice. Another surprise — the natural intelligence of the oils as the life-blood of the plants creates a fertile field of energy flow as people apply them topically and as they breathe in the scents; some of the pure oils were ingestible as well and made terrific teas, for example.  Coupling those two healing modalities — Reiki & Oils — well, nothing has been the same since!  This is my ongoing focus today as I meet and greet and teach.  Interested?  Let’s talk!”

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Cheryl Valdebenito and her husband Ricardo Valdebenito live in Sarasota, Florida.  Cheryl is a licensed and ordained Holistic Minister Practitioner in association with Lightwing Center of LifeSpirit Congregational Church.  Hers is a spiritual practice focused on assisting people to develop complementary stress relief options that allow their own bodies to self-heal.

Cheryl became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2012 and Reiki Grand Master in 2015.  She had been doing energy work since 2007 in the fields of quantum biofeedback, Access Bars Consciousness  and spiritual health coaching.  In June, 2019, she became HIPPA certified.

As an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils (ID#1280101),  Cheryl is also a Certified Aroma Freedom Technique™ (AFT) practitioner.  Today, she offers classes in the essential oils, teaches Reiki, and is available for private sessions by appointment using any of these modalities as well as the Amethyst BioMat, QuantumWave Laser, dowsing with pendulum and crystal therapy.

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Disclaimer: The Minister Practitioner does not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor does the practitioner apply medical, mental health or human development principles, but ministers to the suffering by prayer, spiritual, religious or mental means, without the use of any drug, material remedy or physical manipulation.

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