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HHRM house clearings.

We don’t always know why the energy flow is stagnant, but when it is many other things may be impacted.  Stuck energy.  You may sense it by calling it a stuffy room.  Or when you cross a threshold you feel uncomfortable.  It’s much like your gut telling you something is “off” when meeting some new person for the first time.

There could be financial difficulties, relationship issues among the family members. Or the plumbing or electric systems keep triggering problems.  Equipment in the house may frequently break down.  Likewise, when selling a house, the deals keep falling through.  Or maybe everything looks and works okay, but the prospective buyers never show up, or when they do something else goes wrong in the process.  When these types of issues arise, various remedies may be energetically applied to clear the blockages.

Reiki can be applied by a Master practitioner to assist in clearing the energy field, allowing it flow smoothly again.  Sometimes sage or sweetgrass are used; other times, essential oils and prayer may benefit the process as well.  Sometimes crystals can likewise be of value, especially if the block is a result of environmental stressors like electromagnetic frequencies from cell towers, a high volume of technology in the home or workplace, and even smart meters attached to homes.

HHRM offer house clearings to assist you in any of these conditions.  Consultation by phone at no charge.  Prices depend upon conditions.

HHRM home blessings.

Just moving into your new place and want to start out with a spiritual blessing for you, your family and pets, too? 

HHRM are happy to help.  Call or text 469-999-1094, or message here: @HolisticHomeReikiMasters

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