Personal meetups and training for use of

Young Living Essential Oils

are available by appointment. 

Zoom classes may be periodically scheduled.


REIKI TRAINING and personal attunements are available by appointment. 

Reiki classes are scheduled based on need.  If you are ready to learn, contact Cheryl personally.

Usui Reiki (Levels 1-4, Master/Teacher)

Usui Grand Master (Levels 5-18)

Seichem Reiki

Karmic/Auric Reiki

GAIA-Now attunement

Yungang Grottoes empowerment

Eye Care attunement                Atlantean-Dolphins System attunement

Fairy Realms Reiki 1-3 attunement           Howl of the Wolf attunement

Open Heart Reiki attunement      Relationship Repair Shakti (& Master)

Tanaka San [cancer & virus] attunement

Vishnu’s Trust empowerment

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