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*Young Living Essential Oils® ~ A Brief Overview ~

~ An essential oil is the aromatic, volatile liquid that can be found in leaves, petals, roots, seeds, bark, stems and fruits of plants and is extracted through steam distillation. Essential oils are 10 to 10,000 times more potent than dried herbs.

~ Therapeutic grade, organically grown as a result of Gary Young’s commitment to providing the purest oils from the highest quality of plants has gained great attention.

~ Currently offering more than 600 products in 100 different foreign markets that spans five continents.  View details here: 2020/21 YLEO Product Guide

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YLEO are effective because they are a complete optimal blend of plant chemicals that ensure maximum potency and results. These oils may be used by inhalation, topical application or through internal consumption (the Vitality line), depending on the organic properties and recommended use of each single or blend.  Essential oil benefits?  They Promote, Maintain and Support the body’s natural healing response when applied on a regular basis.

Essential oils have been used throughout time dating back to 4500 BC: perfumes/ aromatherapy, cooking, and for medicinal purposes.  Modern day research shows that pure essential oils provide similar benefits to humans and animals as they give to plants.

Young Living offers the purest, unadulterated, therapeutic-grade essential oils by carefully controlling the entire Seed-to-Seal process (from wherever the Seed_to_Seal_ID_2015seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle).  The process can be summarized through five basic steps:

  • Species certifications involve scientific research, field study, university documentation, and on-site planting certification.
  • Through plant cultivation at the five YL farms, the company continually conducts research and works to produce the highest quality of aromatic plants, and further passed on to the co-op farms to make sure the highest standards are met.
  • Once harvested, YL’s proprietary, low-temp, low-pressure steam distillation process ensures that the beneficial plant compounds remain uncompromised during the extraction process.  Oils are further lab-analyzed to determine quality before being sent to the bottling facility.
  • Each essential oil must pass stringent testing to assure optimal bioactive compounds are present.  YL uses its own internal and third-party testing labs to verify purity and potency standards are met.  Over the last 12 years, YL has compiled and categorized over 280,000 references to its library for uncontested plant identity.
  • YL completes the Seed-to-Seal process by carefully filling each bottle of essential oil at its own new, high-tech, state-of-the-art production facility prior to final inspection and shipment.

Plants: Young Living has extensive experience in selecting the correct species of premium plants, planting under optimal conditions, using ideal soil and natural methods to encourage growth and knowing the precise time to harvest each crop.

Preparation: Young Living ensures maintenance of proper temperature throughout the distillation process and strictly monitors pressure, time, equipment and batch size.

Purity: Every batch of essential oil bottled by Young Living is subjected to stringent laboratory testing to ensure the oils have the strongest desired properties.

Potency: Each oil has the optimum level of natural plant chemicals that are guaranteed to work for your needs.

Application of Oils:

Gently let one drop at a time fall onto the body wherever you feel it is needed to support your health.  Some examples include:

  • Using charts for both hands and feet in a particular finger roll technique
  • Using a drop on finger & applying to one’s outer ear points (similar to points on a Chinese Medicine chart)
  • Over the area where feeling occasional discomfort (muscles, for example)
  • Over the energy centers (chakras) or the back of the neck

Breathe the oils in through your olfactory system – traditional aromatherapy

  • Put a drop in your hands, rub it around, and cup your hands gently over your nose. Breathe.
  • Place 6-10 drops in a diffuser.  Let run for 30 minutes or longer depending on the oil and its intended use.

The Vitality line of Young Living oils are dietary by nature.  Do your research and discover which oils are a good fit for your life style.

  • Add a drop or two in your ingredient list. (Cinnamon bark and nutmeg are great on oatmeal.  Basil is yummy in spaghetti sauce.)
  • Put a drop in your water glass (lemon and grapefruit are good choices).
  • Drop under your tongue or place on the roof of your mouth. (peppermint is a wake-up kinda oil.)

Another method of application of essential oils developed by Dr. Gary Young is call Neuro Auricular Technique (NAT).  It uses a handful of high vibration oils that are known for their capacity to reduce stress and aid in emotional release. Using NAT helps the nerve pathways rejuvenate and replenish harmonious energy flow throughout the body by supporting the neurological system and stimulating the immune system.  Many have experienced the Raindrop Technique as well.  Specific oils are applied first to the feet and then to the back. The body’s natural response is relaxation and some find its benefits from detoxification.

Traditional benefits of aromatherapy go one step further when following a process called The Aroma Freedom Technique.  It was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, and is fast becoming a go-to process for creating new models, envisioning improved Life Style and so much more.

There is so much to know about pure essential oils and how they can be applied in one’s life.  Please join us for any of the Thursday evening meet-ups in Sarasota. 

The Events page will designate dates and location.


*Cheryl Valdebenito is an Independent Distributor of YLEO #1280101 and is available to help answer your questions about oils and the oil-infused lifestyle product lines; please contact her to arrange a convenient time to visit.  Or, here is a direct link to the YL webpage for details on how to enroll using her ID#1280101 as your enroller/sponsor: Young Living Enrollment

Statements made representing Young Living products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Consult individual product labels for safety information.

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