Aroma Freedom Technique

The Aroma Freedom Technique™ is leading the way in learning how to let go of deeply embedded patterns and habits so you can live your best life now!     

AFT is a simple, step by step process for gently dissolving negative thoughts, feelings, and memories and connecting a person to their inner guidance. It was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of experience in private practice and 17 years of experience using essential oils. After studying many of the traditional as well as alternative methods of change, he integrated all of his findings into the simple, 12-step process that certified practitioners like myself are sharing all over the globe.


Personal statements offered by Cheryl Valdebenito, Certified AFT™ Practitioner

Why am I so Crazy About AFT?

Simple answer: because it works.   Here is what I’ve learned from years of personal experience and over 10 years of helping others using various energy modalities.

If we get our emotions “in check”, we can do ANYTHING.  But if we cannot, or choose not, for whatever reason (or excuse) we can name, then the underlying causes and issues simply do not disappear.  We may forget them, or think we have.  We may bury them; but they always seem to resurface.

From my the alternative health field and some of the scientific community we have been hearing for some time now about studies done ‘proving’ that emotional health (or lack) may be at the heart of not only mental but physical disease.  When we bury painful memories from crisis situations, accidents or other types of trauma, the memory of those things actually stays in the body.  Then weeks, months or even years later, when another ‘event’ occurs that has absolutely nothing to do with (that thing in the past), we feel blocked. It may be as simple as wanting to create a new hobby, or grow one’s business without success.  We get the sense we’ll never get past a hurdle.   Believe it or not, those seemingly different issues may have a connection — and it is possible the emotional feeling that got imprinted on the subconscious during that earlier incident may be impeding your progress.

I bought Dr. Perkus’ book because of personal situations arising in my life. Since applying the oils in the process he describes, it has become so much easier to ‘clear the deck’ of constraints.  Truly, it has been full speed ahead ever since.

So, let’s do a little Q&A to explore this further.

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How does AFT work?

As Dr. Perkus describes it, AFT works using the principle of Memory Reconsolidation. When a memory is created, it is stored as a complex of image-thought-feeling-bodily sensation. Our behavioral learning is based on this memory complex. Introducing the aroma of specific essential oils at the right point in the process of recall can break apart this memory complex and thereby restructure the behavioral learning connected with the memory. Our results are consistent with the most recent research on Memory Reconsolidation.

Is AFT a replacement for Psychotherapy?

NO! AFT involves no diagnosis, history-taking, or prescribing of specific treatments for medical conditions. It can be used by a qualified professional as part of a broader therapeutic strategy for individuals with psychological or psychiatric diagnoses, but it does not replace therapy for those diagnoses.

Who can do this?

You.  Actually anyone can who is willing to (a) be teachable, (b) follow the AFT guidelines, and (c) use the Young Living Essential Oils.  Reading and practice is all it takes.  For those who fall in love with AFT and want to go further, there are opportunities to become certified as a practitioner and instructor thereafter.

Do I need to know much about aromatherapy to use it?

No again! The exact essential oils needed to do AFT are specified in the training. Everything you need to know about the role of the sense of smell in down-regulating the amygdala will be explained in the training, but don’t worry – it is easy to learn!

What do I do next?

1.  Start with an AFT Experience – let’s do a one-on-one session together.  It takes about 40 minutes.  Once you feel the difference between ‘before’ and ‘after’ the session, you’ll begin to cultivate new ideas and want to dig deeper.  Call me to chat to set up your appointment now: 469-999-1094

2.  Begin thinking of who, besides you, can benefit from this process.  Make a list, call me to set a date, and let’s give your friends and family a taste of the AFT Experience in a small group.

3.  Do want to learn how to do this for yourself and be able to help others too?  Classes are being held all over the USA and now on several continents.  Explore the website at your leisure and please, let me know what your needs are so I can help you make the right connection.





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