Pain is just a symptom…

…seek the underlying cause!

LowBackPain_imagePain – chronic or acute? Either way, most folks are intimately familiar with this symptom for one reason or another.  My journey with pain began when I was in my early 20’s, a work-related injury.  And then life continued to throw me little nuggets over time as if to say, ‘you can handle it, here’s a little more’.  So when I just saw this video, it hit a cord deep within me…and here I am, sharing once again.
Pain is easy to explain if we’ve fallen and sprained an ankle like I did in 2013. Not so simple if the healing was incomplete and crept into the knee and then the hip, leaving one unable to easily walk seven years later.  Where is the correlation?!  What is the real problem? Why do some people all of a sudden develop fibromyalgia or receive a diagnosis of chronic pain syndrome?  We could ask “why” all day long.
So think about it — the ‘condition’ didn’t JUST happen, right? Like cancer, it developed over time, and there may have been no symptoms, even pain, for years.  In fact, the absence of pain does not mean there is no dis-ease.  Contrary thought, isn’t it.  And that’s just it — we have to find the root source cause.  Pain is a symptom of some other condition.  As those symptoms increase, our vibration  diminishes. Our ability to live a health-filled life becomes severely challenged over time. 
I had migraines for years…from the time I was 12 until I was in my 50’s. They were on and off.  Once I had acupuncture in my 20’s; worked like a charm for several years actually; but the pain came back.  The last time I saw a medical professional for the issue was in 2011, spending 5 days in hospital to be told after every test was run that I was a mystery woman.  There was no cause they could discover.  Nothing they could further do, I went home.  But I did not stop looking for my solution. Today, 8+ years, migraine-free!
Key point: Never think you just have to ‘live with it’.  Don’t believe what some say: “you’ll be that way the rest of your life.”   Exhaust all your options…not just the traditional. Medical massage, physical therapy, weight training, acupuncture, chiropractic, reiki, meditation are some of the obvious roads one could travel. Not everything will resonate with every thing and that is alright. Look for what works, and move forward until you plateau, then go deeper are what you eat
When I was introduced to the world of quantum healing in 2007, my long journey with pain took a huge left turn (for the better!). I found opportunities to explore new ideas and things beyond my knowing – and oh, yea, wasn’t that a surprise: they work! 
My 10-year-long investment working with and learning about quantum biofeedback was an eye-opener, of course.   Understanding the wider possibilities with the science of it led me to some tools  that I highly recommend families invest in: The BioMat.  The QuantumWave Laser.  And a TENS unit.   (Ionic foot baths are awesome, too.)
This is not a sales pitch (though I’m happy to help if you want to know more). This blog posting is being written to give you hope for solutions, to open your eyes to the wider variety of products and services you may employ to bring your body to pain-free balance. Tools can play a part in you discovering and/or correcting the true cause(s) that diminish your ability to live above the wellness line. You just have to find the ones that work best for you.
When approaching issues that are complex, where symptoms are like a fox hidden in the hen house, insidious, we often get the best results when adding complementary and integrative medicine to our game plan.  Multi-disciplinary.  Dealing with health conditions like chronic pain may be made easier, more effective and have a longer-term result when we combine the best of all traditional and alternative and complementary wellness options. wholistic 4 plane chart
Each body, each mind, is so different, we are all so wonderfully and uniquely made.  Solutions will become more or less obvious once we’ve allowed ourselves to be open to the wide range of possibilities and potentialities.
Consider what can be learned from Chinese Medicine as well as our Western approach.  If you have multiple symptoms, are they inter-related? Eyes and knees, for example, may cause a doctor of oriental medicine to look into the kidney meridian and balance its energy field.
Do you know that when you have a dental issue, including pain, that those teeth are giving you information about an area of the body that may be in distress? meridian dentistry
By the way, let us remember there are two areas to which we often pay little attention but which are the structure of who each of us really is; they will need attention. The sooner you delve into them, the quicker you’ll get to the heart of your issues.  
First, your emotions; your mental state.  Meaning, what are you thinking, feeling, and acting upon daily and over time, long months and even years, that is causing the stress that contributes to your pain level.  Popping a pain pill may put you out of your misery temporarily, but you know that won’t solve anything. emotional spirals
Some people take the road called talk therapy – others, NET or Access Consciousness (BARS).  There’s also essential oils, the Aroma Freedom Technique, and a few others. All of them are designed to help unblock the intricate matrix of systems our minds create to protect us from (something). Once we break down those barriers, we often find the flow of natural energy restored and healing can truly begin.
Second, remember your gut is your 2nd brain, and plays a significant role in your health at all levels.  If you’ve been eating the wrong stuff, the garbage, for years – it will catch up to you. A metabolic physician might be the next and best option to put you on the right path, as I learned years ago.
3 metabolic types
I awoke to the blessing of recognition: I was my own worst enemy, choosing to eat things that were literally killing me (lost my gall bladder that year), and/but I had the capacity to ‘fix it’ if I’d just pay attention.  What did it take? Time, consistency, diligence. And a willingness to change old, self-limiting, often painful habits.
641Essential oils, by their very nature, can help you too. Yes, one might use a few oils or blends to assuage the pain in the short term;  it is also possible to use them to relieve, diminish and ultimately eliminate the underlying cause as they complement and amplify the other things you are doing for yourself.
Its a discovery process, to be sure, and yet one worth investigating because the oils have the capacity to work through the gut and with all the body’s systems, as you employ all the other means at your disposal. 
Oh, there is more, to be sure.  Have you heard of The Alexander Technique? or Feldenrais? Have you a massage from therapist specially trained in cranial/sacral work? The list is long. 
Like myself, those who are trained in complementary and energy-based work are not usually doctors or nurses. And yet, our studies and research likely includes a broad understanding of how all the parts fit together; our job is to help you increase your own awareness and offer our best selves within our scope of practice. Seek professionals with certification or license in their field. Allow their referrals help guide you to others who may, too, offer you another solution.
Here’s the crux of it:  There are several tools at your disposal, and professionals whom you can find if you ask the right questions. Learn what you must, develop a plan, and then clear the problem at its core. This is how you can live your best life now. So…
Your job:  Don’t stop at the obvious — you must ask the unconventional to seek deep(er) solutions to the underlying cause.  Grab hold at the root of the issue, correct what you can and then, let it go
And as some of us may say, Let God. Call on your spiritual side to reinforce the practical and pragmatic solutions you’ve put in play.  Allow the higher vibration of prayer to amplify it all. 
Do all this, and you will give your body permission to lean on its own ability to heal, to do its job. And so it is.
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