Fill in the blank: “I am at a place in my life where…”

Holistic Home. The first thing we think of when we say ‘Home’ is usually the place we live. Home, as in the town we come from. Home, state or country, the larger geographic area where we have spent our life.
Yet, before we can live in a space, we have to Be in a space. Or rather, Be who we are. Do you ever think of your body as your ‘home’? And what it means to be holistic in nature?
What about the choices we make that affect our body-home: from the type of work we may do to the sense of spirituality we live out…from the way we grew up to the way we are helping our family members grow….from the things we think about to the words we use when speaking?
Holistic has an impact beyond imagining once we begin to understand its breadth and depth, no? It’s usually the simple things, the daily little decisions, that make a profound impact. By their abundance, or lack.
Here today, I have a difuser running with an aromatic scent to help me invite deeper relationships, greater health and a wealth of options, and assure mental balance.  A 30-minute meditation before breakfast was intended to allow faith to work in my life.  While preparing for that time, a PM came over from someone in need asking for help; in a right frame of mind, I was able to spend the few minutes responding to an important request. This afternoon, the sunshine and temperate weather will be calling me outside for a breath of fresh air. It will be time to take a break and rest.
Have I always done these things? No.  Certainly not; not with conscious 

deliberate choicesfore-thought in the same way I am able to consider today.

Life got in the way so I usually found myself running off the seat of my pants most of the time. Very pragmatic of me. It allowed me oftentimes to get caught in a syndrome or cycle of playing in the junk over and over again.  How typical is that for you?
Charlie Brown, one of my all-time favorite comics, has been known to pop up with words of wisdom at times like these. He didn’t disappoint today.
What holistic perspective will grow from the body-home choices we make today? How will our mind respond, and can we allow our emotions to stay in check?
Stephen Covey often reminded us: Begin with the end in mind.  So, maybe that can be our motivation. Where do you want to land? Are you dreaming being enough? 
How old do you have to be to take in Charlie’s message?  Go ahead, write it down…see what happens:  “I am at a place in my life where………………………………….”
What will you choose today?
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