One of the not-so-sexy’s: Enzymes

They’re back – Peaches from Chile! Yum. Yum. When our local Southern fruit is out of season I really look forward to the imports from Chile. Fond memories of my 3 years in residence there, and walking out my front door into the ‘netherland called “la feria” on Saturday morning.
The vendors haul everything from fruits & veges to fish and various meats, fresh eggs from the farms and household goods too.  It comes in trucks, cars and the old fashioned wide-spoked-wheeled wagons. Blocks and blocks of fresh food market and everyone brings their own carts, containers, etc. It’s a mass of bodies shoving themselves through the vendor stalls, sometimes not so graciously as they grapple for the goodies.   Well, off topic… what I was getting at is this…
These are some of my goodies from yesterday’s grocery run. Besides the peaches, I picked up a few organic bananas and the pears – wow, amazing flavor.winter fruit
Now why does this matter? Organic — non GMO for one thing, and no pesticides, etc. (Remember what we’re trying to do here is create a toxin-free lifestyle. This means making choices that have a widespread benefit over time.) 
Everyone complains about the price. Really?  Now stop & consider, what’s the price to your health when your system is so damaged by years of (you know what) that you land in the hospital and a revolving door of doctor visits.  How is that healthful?  Look at organics as preventive medicine. Makes a world of difference to your mental attitude. (Sorry, diverging again.)
The super-duper crucial element with these fruit – the enzymes. We are missing enzymes and minerals and vitamins in our diet, and these are integral to our wellbeing. We are also missing the big picture if we’re not integrating the fruits & veges into our routine eating patterns.
Typical foodstuffs grown in most places worldwide are infiltrated with toxins that dilute and diminish those enzymes. You need to do your homework on this — and here, I’ll start you off with a resource article.
There are recommended daily allowances for these like so many other things.  They’re the bare minimum to be “healthy”.  You need oodles more, and so often we choose not to.  Timing — always on the run with school, work, kids, activities; don’t like the flavor or the peach fuzz…some excuse or another distracts us from paying attention to our basic needs.  Money & taste buds somehow let us lose our minds and throw reason to the wind. Why is that?
What happens when you don’t get enough fruits & veggies and, therefore, enzymes?  You have to supplement. And it’s important to choose wisely so you’re not ingesting fillers and chemical/synthetic toxins that will further gunk up your body systems.
There are plenty of choices on the market, mostly over-the-counter. Better to leave them there and go for something that has proven to function on the metabolic level. I didn’t get this at first either. I had the good fortune to purchase custom vitamin/mineral nutriceuticals that were made for my specific metabolic needs. Now those were awesome!  Wish I could recommend them, but the company went out of business several years back when its new investor blew the bottom out.  And typical functional medicine recommendations are more highly priced than most people choose to afford.
So I was very happy to learn about and start using essential oil-infused enzymes.  It has made a significant difference in my digestive process.  Part of the reason is there is no synthetic aspect to the products, and Young Living has several enzyme products to choose from. Here’s just one.   Check out how it works, and look at that awesome ingredient list. My family has used it successfully the last 4 years, and the Essentialzyme-4 as well.
What got me on the kick to talk enzymes today?  A Monday-night meet-up to discuss ways to detox the body safely and gently.  Enzymes are the key player in our digestive process, and if we’re going to detox anything, we have to get the body functioning at its most natural level.  If you’re anywhere near Venice, FL, be my guest Jan 14 & 21…we’re continuing the detox discussion.  Message me to meet-up.
Next steps: There is a product grouping that will allow you to get started with detoxing your entire digestive system.  Essentialzyme is one of them.  If you want to order please input #1280101 as your sponsor/enroller (wholesale saves about 24%, by the way).
So, those are my morning thoughts — it’s not very sexy conversation, all this talk about the gut, but the fruit sure are pretty and oh-so sweet.  Enjoy!
health benefits of peaches
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