A New Year Resolution: Do your best!

It’s that crazy time of year when things seem to be somewhere between slow motion, standing still and coming at us so fast we might need a reality check. For me it’s a time of evaluating what has gone by, and how I want to ring in a new time.  In the midst of that thought this post came to my attention.

always do your best
It sounds like one of those things a wise old school teacher or our pastor might say…‘always do your best’…and to some degree it’s rather boring, that statement. But it doesn’t make it less true.
The more I do this work, practice Reiki, work with oils, share with folks how to detox their bodies and homes…the more it appears true. The more focused we are are setting the groundwork in place, the better the results that will follow.  Always doing our best.
It’s not rocket science, but there is science behind it.  And the truth of the universe has taught me what so many new-age gurus have been speaking about for years:  First it’s a thought.  Then it’s a thing.  Set your intention, and that thing will come into being. It just requires consistency and our belief that we can do it. We can impact that ‘change’, that new thing.
The plant in the picture, it needs good soil, some natural fertilizer, sunshine; and soon the weeds will need to be evacuated, and the plant may require some pruning. Only then will we see the blessings of our work. It will take consistent tender loving care after the planting to reap the fruit of that labor.  So, too, we will need an awareness of the destruction that may come from neglect or worse. Harvest time can be very different year to year, depending on conditions — drought, floods, fire, or our own simple ignorance of process being some key factors.
The same is true for ourselves. If we set a higher standard for good ‘soil’, our physical body (the terrain) will be in a better position to flourish. Healthy food. Clean water. Sunshine. Exercise — these basics are our ground zero.  But to thrive, we must push forward and embellish with extras bit by bit.  One thing at a time, making choices to increase the body’s vibration will allow us to unequivocally live above the wellness line consistently, with care and thoughtfulness.
There is no magic bullet to implement. Yet it does take knowledge and awareness and a willingness to learn from both those things. You can start any time you want and in any place you are; all it takes is a willingness to question and to do your research. No previous experience required.  
You may be hesitant to step out, thinking it’ll take ‘forever’ to see a change.  Set that fear aside.  Any positive step you take is movement in the right direction.  It is said that in just four short months of consistent application of any new modality, your body has the capacity to shift in ways you haven’t even imagined.  The choice is yours.
Always do your best.  Ready to begin the next leg of your journey?
create a space
The Holistic Home Reiki Masters are ready to help. From one-on-one conversations to a class about toxic-home clearing, you get to choose. Reiki for the body or the environment, each is relevant. Essential oils, likewise, can make a significant impact on your life after just a few weeks. Our job is to guide and support you as you move forward.
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