Raising the Vibration ~ Living Above the Wellness Line

by Cheryl Valdebenito

This phrase is used primarily in the essential oils community:  Raising the Vibration ~ Living Above the Wellness Line

Since becoming a biofeedback specialist in 2007 I’d already learned so much about frequency and its effects on people, negative and positive.  But in 2015 when reading an article about essential oils’ impact on one’s health, I still had to ask:  what is a “wellness line”?

It is now known that the body vibrates in a wellness zone between 62-68 mHz. Below the line we get sick; above, we’re living into wellness.  There’s some very helpful info online to get you started on your research of this subject. Try this for starters: https://energicxusa.com/frequency-of-human-body/

When applying essential oils to the body’s energy centers in a Reiki session, the oils then use their natural constituencies to balance the chakras which in turn impact the meridians, the neuro-system and organ structures and ultimately every cell in the body.

YLEO for chakra balancing

I’d never considered how vibration and frequency in fact do have the capacity to help us live more robustly.  When we adhere to the recommendations of wellness posts everywhere, we almost unconsciously ‘know’ it’s true:  Better health comes from routine exercise (active & passive), nutritious foods cooked properly, fresh clean water, etc.

What hasn’t been widely known until the last 20+ years is the impact of things like enzymes and minerals upon the body.  Without them, our life force energy, the frequency of wellness, takes a nose dive.  Oxidative stress is the cause because without the wellness benefit of life’s natural elements, our ability to fight stress is reduced. Through practice I’ve learned that the positive impact of essential oils upon the body (whether used by diffusing, topically applying or ingesting one that appropriate) can be significant when done consistently as an adjunct solution along with proper nutrition and exercise.

Lack of wellness comes from other stress-related causes as well.  Workplace stress — think about high power jobs, long commutes, 60-plus hour work weeks; what about those who hold positions in the education field, first responders and military fields, and those whose jobs are physically taxing.  More subtle yet equally as destructive can be the issues we face from single-parent stress or off-to-college stress.  Don’t forget financial stress, too.  Stress takes its toll on everyone in each phase of life and has no regard for demographics.

The longer we labor under conditions that are constantly draining our energies, the weaker we grow…and the lower our vibration falls below the wellness line.  How do you know?  Think headaches, depression, poor sleep, crankiness. And emotions tend to be more roller-coaster-like.  Inability to think clearly and make sound decisions may affect some.

It is imperative we create greater self-awareness of this issue if we’re to heal.  Though we’ve primarily just talked tip-of-the-iceberg here, bringing oneself to wellness above the line is not only possible but likely if you set your mind to it. Easy? Is anything ever?  Though a positive attitude will head you in the right direction.  One solution fits all?  Each of us has a different footprint, different DNA.  This is what makes us interesting; and so will discovery of what works for you be unique to your situation.

Start here: Do you keep a journal?  Writing helps reinforce our resolve to do new things, to create neural pathways in a new endeavor.  21 days — that’s the period of time it takes, 3 short weeks for each of us to start something new and have the brain recognize a routine change.  And each thing you may do, use the same philosophy – 21 days to shift into your new thing.  You might note and embellish the ideas in your journal such things as:

  • raising your vibration from within – fresh fruits & vegetables take priority  (organic is better)
  • creating opportunities for work/life balance; be sure to play
  • reducing EMF stress – start with taking the phone out of my pants pocket or bra
  • using your right brain too; do fun activities that make you happy…beaching, music, dancing, crafting
  • beginning a new exercise routine, or learning yoga, tai chi, reiki, etc.

This is not rocket science.  Anyone can do it.  Be kind to yourself.  And patient.  Lots more to learn and do.  What else will you add to your journal to build momentum & create those new neural pathways?





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