The Journey Begins

by Cheryl Valdebenito

Thanks for joining us!

Susana Pirez and I are pretty new to each other.  Sharing stories since we met a few months back, learned we have many things in common.  Seems we complement each other’s strengths/weaknesses.  We know where we’ve been, some of the lessons learned along the way.  Have some dreams for helping people as we move along life’s highways.

Some, like Stephen Covey, say we should always have the end in mind or how else shall we get there?  Logical.  Sometimes we do.  Other times, spontaneous little things happen like a spark in an engine that switches things on (or off, LOL), shift our course and heads us onto new pathways.  Like now and over the past few weeks since we decided to collaborate as Reiki Masters and start sharing our work in different ways.

The thing I’ve noticed since beginning my personal journey into the world of energy work — when you leave your mind open to the possibilities, more creative and unexpected situations, options, opportunities come along.  Makes things a little hinky at times.  Like the loony rides at Disney, this new adventure may make my tummy take a flop.  Yet, the unique relationships we build that may challenge us to expand in ways we didn’t know we could — well, beyond the risk, there’s a certain beauty in that too!

So, here we are.  Not sure where we’re going.  Or ultimately who will join us on the journey.  Hope you do.  And that you’ll bring a few along with you.  We’re looking forward to shooting for the stars and hitting a few planets along the way.  Coming?


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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