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"Begin with the end in mind." The HHRM End game: Promoting an abundance of overall wellness, happiness and joy in your life daily that will result from tapping into nature’s energy field at a core level. Learn to Create a Life Style of High Vibration Choices using Reiki and Essential Oils. Choose to Live Above the Wellness Line Starting Today.


And, thank you for visiting! Below are the two particular healing modalities that represent the cornerstone of the energy work we specialize in to help people live a healthy lifestyle.  Education as a primary focus, woven within everything.  There is so much more to know and learn.  Please browse, enjoy, and above all, let’s be in touch. hands 2

Usui Reiki — Usui Reiki is a Japanese technique long recognized as a method of self-care that speeds stress reduction and relaxation and that ultimately can promote healing.  When used consistently, it may aid in releasing patterns of stress, pain, and anxiety.  It works as a stand-alone as well as a complementary therapy and is now recognized within hospital settings as a way to assist patients in releasing pain patterns and improving their recovery.

Aria diffuser   Young Living Essential Oils — As an Independent Distributor and user of these oils, HHRM has found these essential oils to be highly beneficial when applied for all purposes: spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.  These high frequency single oils and blends are used for anointing topically during Reiki sessions; it’s called layering to increase the vibration.

When practicing the Aroma Freedom Technique, people have found the oils are very effective in releasing energy blocks and negative emotions so they can move forward with greater joy and contentment.  The broad line of oil-infused products are perfect solutions when converting to a toxin-free lifestyle.  You choose how and what to fit your own needs.

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